Musica Grazioso

Musica Grazioso is an ensemble established in 2002. This group was originally a flute, violin, and viola trio formed at the University of Washington School of Music to play chamber pieces composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and others. In 2003, this ensemble has expended to perform regularly as flute violin cello trio and flute violin viola cello quartet, sometimes as flute and cello duo or violin and cello duo. Currently, Musica Grazioso provides live music performance in all of the above stated groups.

The name, Musica Grazioso, comes from Italian. Grazioso is an adverb and an adjective chiefly for music, which means gracious, elegant, charming, or in a graceful and smooth manner. This term is usually used in written music as a direction from the composer to the performer. Musica simply means music in Italian. Therefore, Musica Grazioso means graceful music.