Musica Grazioso

General Performances

Musica Grazioso is experienced in performing for various private and public events in and beyond Seattle, mostly for wedding ceremonies and receptions. As well as providing live music for dinner parties, lunch meetings, grand openings, holiday events, get-together tea parties, graudation ceremonies, corporation/company events, engagement parties, bridal showers, concerts/recitals, and other special occasions. The group performs music repertoire ranging from Baroque, Classical to Romantic music plus wedding tunes. This ensemble is popular as flute and violin duo, but they also perform regularly as a trio (flute, violin, cello) and as a quartet (flute, violin, viola, cello).

The wide repertoire includes works by J.S. Bach, Beethoven, F. Devienne, G. F. Handel, Schubert, G.P. Telemann, Vivaldi, and other composers rehearsed for concert performances. Musica Grazioso also has a wide selection of wedding tunes ready to perform. Check out the repertoire page or write us for the most updated list as the list tends to continually grow. The group offers to prepare your specially requested tunes for the special day if requested at least one to two months ahead. Please contact us for more details.

Musical instruments are very delicate and sensitive to rain, strong wind, and direct sunlight. Such conditions will cause damage to instruments, so to prevent that we will need some shadows or a cover for outdoor performances. For indoor performances, an area free of human traffic is best to avoid bumps and bruises on both instruments and performers. Musica Grazioso will provide music stands, but armless chairs are needed. Musica Grazioso will not perform under dangerous circumstances.

This group always aim to arrive 20 to 35 minutes prior to start time for set up and warm up to all performances. If their booking schedule allows, the ensemble is happy to extend the performance time if requested. The group will always try to be very flexible about making time allowances. Rates and fees vary depending on performance length, travel expenditures, and performance type, and are sometimes negotiable. Please contact us for further information.

Please check our wedding information page for more detail on booking Musica Grazioso for a wedding.